Bellezza’s Facials

Bellezza’s Signature Facials

 Brightening facial

Hyper-pigmentation is a growing problem in today’s lifestyle.  Due to age, chronic UV exposure, as we get older and female hormones, human skin increasingly develops hyper-pigmentation (age spots).  This brightening facial has a full spectrum of ingredients that work together for a balanced, gentle but effective lightening treatment.

 Caviar facial

A nourishing biotic caviar extract charged with vitamins, minerals and amino acids are formulated in this facial to nourish and guard skins supple nature against oxidants and free-radicals.  A Collagen mask with a plant-based active agent  that relaxes the facial features (skin relax) is applied to relax muscles and tighten skin causing a non-invasive botox-type reaction decreasing fine lines, wrinkles on the forehead, in ht eye area and around the nose and mouth.  Perfect for mature skin.

 Collagen Face-Lift Facial 

Native Collagen is the most important protein component of connective tissue in the human body.  It is well known that a functional collagen network actively influences the appearance of skin delivering intense skin hydration.  Recommended for all skin types.

Series of three to six treatments is recommended.

 Marine Algae Rebalancing Facial

Treats skin to superior antioxidants and vitamins to cleanse and repair. This treatment is hydrating and good for repairing sun damage.

 Oxygen facial

The serum applied in this facial is the ultimate oxygen carrier, containing the same protein used to transport oxygen throughout the body. It contains FiFlow—the most effective gas carrier known to science, capturing oxygen and mimicking the function of hemoglobin. A mask with positive properties of mild alpha-hydroxyl acids and green tea are then combined with pure collagen to form an excellent active ingredient complex that has a high skin-smoothing effect and offers extensive protection against free-radicals.

 Vitamin C Anti-oxidant Facial

Fight free radicals and repair environmentally damaged skin with this skin renewal Vitamin C treatment.  This treatment has also shown to stimulate the skins natural collagen production.  Perfect for aging or damaged skin due to pollution, the sun and cigarette smoke.