Pick the Right Lotion

Pick the Right Lotion

Not all moisturizers were created equal. Lathering up is a great way to keep your skin soft, but only if you’re putting the right stuff on. “Each skin type responds best to different moisturizer formulas,” says New York City dermatologist Howard Sobel. “If you have dry skin, try an oil-based cream with major hydrators like silicone, ceramides, or glycerin. They prevent moisture from escaping your skin. For oily skin, choose a water-based moisturizer so it won’t clog your skin and cause breakouts. Combination and normal skin types should experiment with lightweight lotions that contain humectants like sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid, which attract water from the air to your skin.” Another big help? Sobel says to apply lotion to slightly damp skin right after you shower to seal in more moisture.

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