Spa Treatment

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SPA TREATMENTS:  All of our Spa Treatments utilize pure organics and are custom blended to suit each individuals needs.

Blueberry soy sugar scrub

Like a scrumptious breakfast of a blueberry muffin matched with a soy latte, our Blueberry Soy Sugar Scrub not only smells delicious, it nourishes, smoothes, and hydrates your skin.  Sugar Cane Granules massage away all your dead, dull skin cells to reveal smooth, bright skin.

 Vanilla frappuccino scrub

An aromatic body scrub featuring vanilla, cocoa and coffee beans, designed to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite.  All ingredients are chosen for their ability to detoxify and break down waste products, enhance collagen production and stimulate lymphatic flow.

 Paradise sugar glow

Relax and enjoy as freshly shredded coconut gently exfoliates the body along with pure sugar cane and tropical nut oils ridding the body of dead skin,  revealing new healthy skin as well as strengthening the skins elasticity. Coconut body butter is then applied.  It’s conditioning nutrients replenishes moisture loss leaving your skin feeling soft and fully hydrated.

 Hydrating island wrap

Your ritual begins with a gentle dry exfoliation followed by a relaxation massage. Customized body butter is then applied followed by a warm wrap to promote hydration and nourishment to the skin.  This process ends with a scalp massage.

 Citrus sea-salt scrub

During this body treatment we rub your body softly with aromatic Mediterranean sea-salt, which helps purify and clean the body.  The skin is renewed, fresh and cleaned then topped off with a warm body polish to moisturize.

 Herbal wrap for cellulite &water retention

This treatment is suggested in a series of eight to ten and acts in support with a weight loss program.

 Marine mud body mask

 Help firm your skin and body with this treatment that draws out toxins and impurities leaving the skin well conditioned.  Then the ancient healing properties of the hot basalt stones used provides a deeper penetration of the nutrients into the skin with a warm massage topped off with a stress–reducing ylang ylang massaged into the forehead and temples.  This treatment is truly an inspired spa experience to leave you re-energized and re-hydrated.

 Seaside Seaweed body mask

Utilizing the healing powers of the ocean, our seaweed mask helps to jump-start your metabolism and is ideal for cellulite or weight-loss programs. While wrapped in a layer of detoxifying algae and firming seaweed, you will be pampered with a soothing scalp and  foot massage.  As a finale, a  full-body application of hydrating marine lotion will leave your skin toned and vibrant.